Isambard's Gasket Rats

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We are recruiting Dancers for this practice season. Please contact DEBS on the number above


Isambard's Gasket Rats are a Border Morris Side based around Newton Abbot. Our name comes from Isambard Kingdom Brunel's attempt to build a working 'Atmospheric Railway' between Newton Abbot and Exeter. The leather gaskets on the vacuum pipe running between the rails, which was the heart of the drive system, were kept supple by the addition of a grease. The local rats soon discovered this formed a tasty meal and used to nibble away at the leather, making the gasket useless. After about seven years of other peoples money, and failing to resolve this problem, Brunel finally gave up. One of his very few failures.

The Gasket Rats will be meeting 3 wednesday evenings each month at The Teign Heritage Centre Teignmouth  during the winter. We will be honing existing dances and learning new ones, in preparation for performing them during the summer months - see the Calendar below.

All dances and music are 'home grown', drawing on our surrounding countryside, moors and seas for inspiration. Using all original dances written by DebbieF, Debs and Maddy; and music composed by Jackie Fiddle, make us a little bit different from other Border Sides. Our 'Kit' which can be seen below, is also influenced by Nature's colours.




The  Gasket Rats are  : 

DANCERS - DebbieF, Debs, Susie, Mark, Julie, Spike, Maddy, Ron, Jenny, Riina, Krysztina, Judy, Isy, Tim

MUSICIANS - Jackie (Fiddle) , AJ (Flute) , Kevin (Flute) , and Trev (many talents)

Contact Debs on : 01626 770238   


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